Does Email Marketing Still Exist?

Does Email Marketing Still Exist?

Email MarketingEmails are to electronic marketing what DVDs are to media; we still use them but prefer later technology. Email marketing has had to evolve and get smarter so it can remain effective.

Gone are the days when each email was carefully read before it was sent to the “Junk” folder. Now the service providers themselves segregate unwanted emails and prevent them from reaching the customers. In the modern day and age, Email marketing has taken a more patient and methodical approach.

With an exponential increase in the use of internet over the past couple of decades, the amount of phishing scams and cyber-thefts have also increased. This has resulted in more cautious and disbelieving customers.

Marketing your products or services requires a longer, more comprehensive route to their attention. Using the vulnerability created by cognitive dissonance, the customer’s trust can be obtained in order to pave way for Email marketing.

Instead of having customers exposed to a barrage of emails, you grab their attention via Ads on the internet.

It is essential for you to get customers to signup using their emails as it provides a two-fold benefit. You officially obtain their email addresses and hence, a virtual approval for you to send emails. Also, signing up is a lengthy process and this makes sure that the percentage of prospective customers signing up is higher.

A marketing strategy is only effective if it results in an increase of customers. The goal should never be to have more subscribers, but to have future/current customers be a part of your list. Once customer loyalty is established, word of mouth can also come into place and broaden your base.

One of the most important things to remember while employing this strategy is that quality and respect will pay more dividends than tons of content. If the newsletters and offers sent via email induces fewer interest, the frequency of emails being directly sent to ‘Trash’ increases.

With the advent of social media and ease of having everything done while sitting at home increasing, less attention is paid to promotional emails. Sending lengthy mails which beat about the bush will not help your cause.

Bearing in mind that there are mere milliseconds between selecting an email and deleting it without looking at what’s in it, the title must engage the reader and force them to open up the email. Without an interesting title to hook the audience, there is no chance of converting a subscriber to a customer.

Email marketing, unlike what the popular opinion might be, is certainly alive and doing well. It has evolved from being a one-step task to a multi-step process. Patience is the key, and it will be rewarded if the unsaid rules are followed.

There’s always some way to get through, it just takes time to find the right path leading there.

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