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Web Design

Although it is simple to design a basic website, creating something which is responsive, engaging and ready for first page search engine rankings is much more difficult. It doesn’t matter what sort of website you are after, I’m here to get you started.

With years of experience in website design and development in and around Perth, I can create a fast, responsive site which embodies the essence of your business. If you want a website that is the envy of your competitors, then get in touch with me today.

Creating The Perfect Site

As noted above, creating an ‘okay’ or even a ‘good’ website is actually pretty easy with modern technology. The creation of platforms like WordPress and Blogger mean that you can actually put your own site together in a couple of hours without any coding or web design experience to speak of.

However, a ‘good’ site won’t stand out above your competitor’s sites. Only a perfect one will. Building a ‘perfect’ website involves a lot of careful thinking, planning, and behind the scenes work. It takes time to make sure that things are done right and to make sure that your site is optimised for your niche.

When you use a top of the range web design service, you get the best of both worlds – a catchy, engaging website design along with the background development to bring it to your audience in a fast and efficient manner.

The Importance Of Branding

When it comes to creating a new website, for your business, branding is extremely important. It doesn’t matter what sort of site you are building. Anything from large eCommerce sites to small, family owned business websites have to have some sort of branding behind them to be successful.

Branding comes in a range of shapes and sizes. If you are trying to build something new, you have to make yourself stand out above your competitors. Whether you do this through engaging content, a catchy design, or an innovative logo – or a mixture of all three and more – is up to you.

It is extremely important that you work with an experienced web design expert to make sure that your new website reflects and fortifies your new brand.

Search Engine Optimisation Of Your New Site

Search Engine Optmisation (SEO) is a whole different topic, one which the best web designers are familiar with. Although most people think of keywords and link building when it comes to SEO, the fundamentals of your website are actually extremely important.

A professional web designer will create a new website which is already well on the way to being optimised for search engines. Website speed is crucial when it comes to SEO rankings, and a high-quality, clean and well organised site is the key to a fast site.

Why Should You Use Only The Best?

There really isn’t any point wasting your money on a cheap web designer who doesn’t have a whole lot of experience or training. Think about it this way:

Would you hire an unskilled plumber or electrician?

No, of course you wouldn’t. In the same way, you would be stupid to hire an unqualified web designer or developer. Even if they manage to deliver a website that you are happy with, there is a high chance that you will run into problems in the future.

Get In Touch To Find Out More About My Web Design Services

If you are looking for a top of the range web designer at an affordable price in or around Perth, then don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I have years of experience designing and developing websites for a wide range of businesses in different niches.

Call or email me now to find out more about getting your own website built!