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Google Adwords Marketing

For most people, the hardest thing about building an effective online business is drawing new clients in. While it may be tempting to spend all your time on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and link building, this isn’t always the best way to go.

Enter Google Adwords.

AdWords marketing is an extremely effective way to promote your business to prospective clients. Sure, it costs money, but so does any form of advertising that actually works. If you can develop an effective, targeted AdWords marketing campaign, then you will be way ahead of your competitors. Your business should prosper, and you will find it easier to pay for other business building services.

What Is AdWords Based On?

Google AdWords is a form of Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Basically, you create ad campaigns for keywords or sets of keywords which you think are relevant to your business. These are presented at the top of search engine results for that particular keyword, where people can click on them.

The beauty of AdWords marketing is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. This means that if your ad, for some reason, happens to get printed for someone who isn’t interested in it, you won’t have to pay anything.

Highly targeted campaigns can lead to very high conversion rates when they are done right. This can increase your income substantially, making it worth every cent you pay on advertising.

AdWords Campaigns Must Be Complete

Although a lot of AdWords ‘experts’ can deliver high success rates when it comes to getting a lot of clicks on your ad campaign, not many focus on developing the campaign to make sure that it is successful.

A successful marketing campaign is about more than just driving more visitors to your website or online store. Really, it is about driving conversions on your website and increasing your customer base. If your PPC advertising drives people to your website, but they leave again without buying anything, then you are essentially wasting your money.

An experienced AdWords marketer will develop an entire campaign which leads to the maximum number of conversions, and therefore to the maximum profit for your business. This is done in a number of ways.

What Does A Complete AdWords Campaign Need To Include?

If you are trying to build a complete AdWords campaign, I would recommend hiring an expert who has experience in the field. Personally, I have been working with websites and clients throughout Australia for a number of years to maximise the effects of their AdWords marketing efforts. This has given me the experience and know-how to help you in a fast and efficient manner.

In my experience, a complete Google AdWords marketing campaign should include:

  1. Keyword research to identify the most relevant, most profitable and least competitive keywords for your niche.
  2. Ad creation to target specific internet users and encourage relevant clicks.
  3. Landing page development to reduce visitor bounce rate and encourage engagement.
  4. Creation of a campaign using the Google AdWords platform.
  5. Performance monitoring to see how well your campaign is performing. This is done using Google analytics tools.
  6. Campaign assessment at the end of every campaign to identify anything that can be tweaked to make the next campaign more successful.
  7. A complete analysis of previous campaigns to inform the development of your next campaign.

If you follow these steps, make sure that your campaigns are targeted at the right people and make sure that you regularly update your campaigns, your AdWords experience should be a good one.

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