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Digital Strategy

In the past, a decent website and competitive prices were plenty to give an online business or eCommerce store more than enough traffic.

Unfortunately, the online industry has become extremely competitive in modern times. Unless you happen to find a small niche that no one else is in yet, simply having a good website isn’t going to be enough to give you the edge over your competitors.

This is where your digital strategy comes into play. When it comes to getting your website or business above and ahead of your competitors, you need to employ a clear, targeted digital strategy. Really, it’s like playing sport. You can have the best players in the league on your team, but without a decent coach and a clear strategy or game plan, you simply won’t win.

Why Is Digital Strategy Important?

So, why is digital strategy so important? Really, it all comes down to a couple of things.

You can be absolutely sure that all of your successful competitors already have some sort of digital strategy in place. If you are in a popular industry, then many of them probably employ a digital strategy team full time.

Without it, you won’t reach the top spot on search engine results pages, simple. Sure, you might make it to the first page, or even to the top three or four positions, but the chances of you making it to top spot are negligible. Since most people simply click on the first one or two results when they search for something, you need to be ranked first for at least a couple of keywords if you want to be successful. A decent digital strategy will help with this.

How Can A Digital Strategy Help You Get An Edge Over Your Competitors?

This can be summed up in one clear comparison. Picture two website owners with very similar sites that sell similar products at similar prices. Both sites are ranked similarly on all of the major search engines.

Website owner A goes about things in a haphazard manner. He knows what he is doing and he understands all of the intricacies of SEO and a fair bit about marketing. However, he doesn’t always get things right. Rather than following a dedicated digital strategy, he does whatever seems right as he is doing it.

At first glance, website A will look like it’s still doing pretty good. Sales and traffic are consistent, and they may have even jumped above that of website B. However, the owner of website B notices this, and decides to employ a digital strategy expert to give her the edge.

This digital strategy expert conducts a full audit of website B’s activities, content and links. This is then built on to develop the perfect plan of attack to lift website B above its competition in a fast and efficient manner. Suddenly, website B is ranking higher then website A for all major keywords. It has a much greater income, and is a lot more successful.

All thanks to the services of a decent digital strategy expert.

How Can I Help?

I have years of experience in digital strategy development. Having worked with businesses which have a major online presence, I understand what is required when creating the perfect digital strategy. Add this to my experience in SEO, web design and digital marketing, and I believe that I am perfectly positioned to help you develop an effective, actionable digital strategy today.

If you would like to find out more about how I can help you achieve online business success, get in touch with me via phone or email now!